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MyPerennial began as a happy accident. A tired sweater needed a pick-me-up. Felt revived it. With a bold new garden perched upon my shoulder, I bounced around the streets of New York City to and from work as a public schoolteacher. I received compliments. I grinned. A woman asked to buy it. I blushed.

Soon after relaying this story to a stylish colleague, she staged an intervention. At dinner on the Upper West Side, she encouraged me to create scarves and hair accessories for our school’s winter fair. Kids notoriously know what’s good. They always choose the sparkly-est sticker or the gooey-est cupcake; so why not the softest scarf or the cutest hat?

By day I taught elementary school science. By night I cut, sewed, and created one-of-a-kind pieces to deck out a card table in our school cafeteria. I wore my sweater. By the time those Tribeca moms and kids were done with me, I was surprised to find I’d sold out of nearly everything. After five years of steady successes, the line has grown perhaps as fast as the line of people plucking their preferred MyPerennial products.  After features in magazines such as “InStyle”, “Real Simple” as well as on “DailyCandy” and "The Martha Stewart Show", the demand is smoothly soaring.

A decade ago, I was lucky enough to live in Budapest for 15 months. While there, I connected with a small women’s cooperative in order to further both my designs and the traditional artisans’ craft. I am excited to offer my holiday stocking, tree skirt and ornament designs executed with impeccable skill and sumptuous felt in rural Hungary. When you buy these products, you support women with a first-world, living wage while continuing a historic craft that has been a part of European culture since before the 1600’s. With fresh designs in my sketchbook and new possibilities always on the horizon, we at MyPerennial welcome you to our (pleasantly more refined) card table.

Please let me know how I can make your shopping experience better or share your comments directly by emailing me at